Visiting procedure :

1.Enterprises and individuals who deal with visit card in advance , admission credentials can be directly to visit the exhibition.

2.You can fill in the registration form in line with the trade name card to the exhibition site, and get the visiting card to visit the exhibition.

3.You can undertake pre-registration from the official registration platform, the organizing committee will open a window for audience to receive the certificates during the exbition. 


1.Comply with the the relevant safety management regulations which shaped  by Convention Center and the organizing committee , and, please obey the command of the security personnel in the field.

2.Because of the need for public safety ,the sponsor arrange a  security checks at the entrance, please accept the security check consciously.    

3.Please abide by the order of visiting consciously, do not run or play in  the in the exhibition hall,The basis department concerned stipulated that. Will forbid strictly being flammable explosive, dangerous materials and so on narcotics, radioactivity takes into the venue. Smoking or an open flame is forbidden in the whole .

4.Please obey the command and dispatch of security personnel when you watch a performance. not crowded, do not block the looting, import and export, safe passage, fixed fire facilities etc..

5.Please keep the environment clean, no spitting, littering and waste paper.

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