The 17th China Ice Cream Forum & The 4th West Frozen Food Expo


Summary of the exhibition:

The 17th China Ice Cream Forum & The 4th West Frozen Food Expo will be held in Xi´an QuJiang International Conference &Exhibition Center on July 18-20. The organizing committee invites you to visit, exchange, trade. The China Ice Cream Forum and China West Frozen Expo, is a large-scale professional exhibition to show, trade or exchange which offers a more effective communication link to the  targeted market  to the manufacturers, dealers and e-commerce from ice cream, frozen food, refrigerated food and beverage industries.

The exhibition which was hosted by Beijing Landpeace Exhibition Co., Ltd.. Since 2011, the China Ice Cream Forum has been hosted in Shenyang, Beijing, Qingdao, Ningbo and other places for 16 sessions. The China Ice Cream Forum and China West Frozen Expo has serviced more than 100000 manufacturers from all over the country.It has been hailed as an unprecedented success.

Basic information of the exhibition:

TIME: 7-18-2018 to 7-20-2018

ADD: Xi´an QuJiang International Conference &Exhibition Center

SCALE:15,000; 30,000 audience; 300 exhibitors


Related industries such as ice cream, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, dairy, jelly and beverages, etc. 

Buyers and attendees:

Industry dealer from supermarkets, chain stores, shopping malls;Import and export business and e-commerce on related industries; 

Related technical personnel;

Related production and service enterprise;

Relevant government departments, trade organizations;

Related media, etc.   

Contact information

China Ice Cream Forum organizing committee

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